A hardhat being held.


We endeavour to ensure that our staffs are safe, well protected and educated in health and safety procedures when working for us. They are made aware of the importance of taking responsibility for their own health and safety, and that of those around them. They follow Company Safety Procedures and use protective equipment in accordance with the information and training they receive.

All new legislation and Health and Safety guidelines are communicated to all employees during employees Induction Training and updates are all communicated when appropriate.

We operate ISO 45001:2018 processes to evaluate specific site requirements and on-site inductions. A typical training profile is identified below:

  • NPTC PA1 & PA6 for the handling and application of herbicides.
  • Basic competency training for ride on mowers and other general
  • grounds maintenance equipment.
  • CSCS certified
  • SPA Petrol Passport
  • Customer Care
  • Health and Safety Training

All personnel receive relevant and timely training to ensure they are competent to carry out their role safely. The type and nature of the training will depend upon a person’s prior knowledge, experience and any previous training they may have had, therefore there is a need to provide initial induction training, with periodic refresher and specialist training as appropriate.

We also ensure that all vehicles and machinery are fit for purpose and meet the industry standard.


ISO updated August 2020

Other Accredidations updated August 2020